Kalba is coming… 23.01.18

In one weeks’ time the crowdfunding campaign for our first collaborative music project will go live, allowing us to finish the recording of an album that will raise money to build a school in Kalba, North Ghana.DSC00595_by_Svenja_Albers-ps_7DAYS


It all started when I met Tim and Svenja in Guatemala in 2016. Tim told me about his work organising the festival Rüt’n’Rock and how the money they raise goes towards building bore holes, schools and clinics in Kalba… which got me thinking. I made records with West African artists … surely there must be a way to combine the two.

So, last September, I went to Kalba, with a handful of mics and a mobile recording setup, not knowing who I would meet or whether there were any musicians to record. Little did I know that I would meet Isaac Birituro, an amazing xylophonist and that we would start the recording of our first album together.


After meeting for the first time and jamming, we recorded for three days in the local church along with a couple of drummer from the town. We recorded the basis of nine tracks and since coming back to UK I’ve started to record some of the additional musicians I’d like on it, such as Seb Rochford, Raph Clarkson, Laura Jurd, Josienne Clark, Samantha Whates and Mark Lockheart.

Now we just need a little help so that I can go back to finish the record and put on the musicians that Isaac wants on there, to make it a truly collaborative album. The crowdfunding will also allow us to duplicate the album so that we can then tour the music, sell the album and start to raise the €15,000 we need to build a school.

Published by thisiskalba

Collaborative music projects which raise money to build schools and support education programs in North Ghana.

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