Isaac’s First Listen

When I left Kalba for the first time, I’d not had much of an idea of what I was going to do with the music we’d recorded. I certainly had no idea what to tell Isaac I was going to do, so he was left a little in the dark about it all. It wasn’t really until we went back to Accra to record more that I was able to play him what my imagination had thrown at it. In that short space of time I’d added quite a lot without knowing what Isaac would think, so going back was a nerve racking experience for me. What would he think? Would I have ruined these special tunes.

Luckily, he enjoyed it more than I could have anticipated. I put the tracks on his phone and every moment of every day he listened to them over and over again. He’d text Tim and me “I’m listening again!” or “I’m showing the music to my friends.” While in a taxi one day, going to central Accra, he played the music to the driver telling him “This is my music,” which was such a great endorsement. Almost as much as the smile on his face as we first played it to him….

Published by thisiskalba

Collaborative music projects which raise money to build schools and support education programs in North Ghana.

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