Producing an album means recording, mixing and mastering great music, but also giving it an outside appearance which reflects the beauty of the music – the artwork. Like the music, we’ve created the artwork ourselves. And what better way to do this than by using the wonderful photographs that Svenja took during our travels to Kalba. With Sonny’s imagination connecting images to the sounds and Svenja’s eye for the beauty of the people, landscapes and unique buildings of Kalba, we have given the album the dress it deserves. We are happy to announce that the artwork is now complete – after sorting a few administrational details which are prerequisite for the next steps – we will start the production and duplication of the album during the next few weeks… Then, you will also learn more about the special relationship between our wonderful album and the goats of Kalba!IMG_0102

Published by thisiskalba

Collaborative music projects which raise money to build schools and support education programs in North Ghana.

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